Amped Sports Lab

We designed AMPED with the customer in mind, because we have been customers too.  We know that when you invest in training for your player, you want to be able to comfortably watch your player complete that training on the ice or in the gym.  We also know that many hockey parents are busy, and need a place to work while you are here, or need an outlet and WiFi to keep younger (or older) siblings busy while their sister or brother is on the ice.  We have plenty of outlets and free WiFi to make the whole experience enjoyable for you and your family.

When you are recovering and in treatment for an injury or chronic problem, you want a bright, light, airy space to recover.  You also want a large area to ensure you can properly work through your movements and demonstrate or determine the current status of your mobility.  We have several private treatment rooms as well as a large area and gym to work through all your movements for recovery.

The Rink

Our rink at Amped is 120′ x 65′ – a perfectly sized area with a real ice surface for training skill development. To give you a comparison, the average city rink is approximately 180’x 80′. That means we have plenty of room at AMPED for great training and lively games of 4 on 4 for skaters of all ages! 

Physio Clinic

We have a light and airy Physio area at AMPED, covering 3000 sq. ft. We have 5 private treatment rooms and lots of space in the main area to get you up and moving.

Core Vision Training


Amped CORE training fills the gap in training or post concussion treatment that only focuses on the body. At Amped CORE, we use the Dynavision D2 light boards, the Cognisens Neurotracker, and physically challenging reaction and coordination stations to work the brain like we work the body in our gym. We use these tools with athletes from all sports, with patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome, and with individuals wishing to push their ability to focus and train their attentional skills and reaction time.