We are thrilled that AMPED has come to life after years of planning and building! Our vision was to bring everything an athlete needs together under one roof. You will experience the AMPED way when you see all of our areas work together towards the goal of training your athlete with a coordinated development program.

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Amped's rink is 120' x 65' - a perfectly sized area with a real ice surface for training skill development. To give you a comparison, the average city rink is approximately 180'x 80'. That means we have plenty of room at AMPED for great training and lively games of 4 on 4 for skaters of all ages! See our info on small area training and games.


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We are excited to announce that after almost 10 years operating as Momentum Physiotherapy, we are changing our name to reflect the integration we share with all the parts of Amped. Rest assured that nothing is changing but the name - we are the same physiotherapists, practicing the same way you have come to trust over the years.
We even kept the phone number, so you can still reach us at 822-0101 if you want to keep that familiar feeling. We look forward to welcoming you to our new facility!


Our gym provides 4000 square feet of space for team training and specialized individual programs. We have done a considerable amount of research into the best approach and layout for off-ice training. Our equipment and layout is based on the best of the programs and systems that we have found in North America.


Amped CORE training fills the gap in training or post concussion treatment that only focuses on the body. At Amped CORE, we use the Dynavision D2 light boards, the Cognisens Neurotracker, and physically challenging reaction and coordination stations to work the brain like we work the body in our gym. We use these tools with athletes from all sports, with patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome, and with individuals wishing to push their ability to focus and train their attentional skills and reaction time. These range from law enforcement and military members to aircraft pilots and elderly drivers, all of whom need to maintain focus and make correct decisions 100% of the time.