AMPED CORE Training fills the gap in current training techniques that only focus on the body. We use our CORE Training tools with athletes in all sports, patients with post-concussion syndrome, and individuals wishing to push their ability to focus and train their attentional skills and reaction time. These range from law enforcement and military members to aircraft pilots and elderly drivers, all of whom need to maintain focus and make correct decisions 100% of the time.

At Amped CORE Training, we develop many skills, including peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, attentional focus and reaction time.

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If you train the body with perfect balance between fitness and skill development, you haven’t done everything to reach your full potential. You haven’t reached it yet because the ability to focus and react to stimuli during play governs how well you will be able to apply your body’s fitness and skill. The brain and eyes are where performance begins, so we have a training area dedicated to this - the essential CORE of athletic development.


We offer sports vision training for athletes at all positions in all sports requiring quick recognition of situations, and quick reactions. In other words, all of them! We manipulate the training programs to add stress and add decision making tasks. For high performing individuals, we can combine physical exertion and specific skill performance during the training, This is the wheelhouse of the CORE Training - where performance of physical skills stops being the difference in performance, and the ability to handle complex situations and demands begins.


Individual Baseline Concussion Test

Baseline concussion testing is a tool to aid you, your physiotherapist and your physician in the decision on when it is appropriate to return to play following a concussion....

Sports Vision

Sports vision is a learned skill, and just as any other skill, it can be improved with practice. Taking any athlete’s performance to the next level depends on how well they can integrate their visual abilities with the other training they have...