2004 - 2009 Birth Years - House A and Rep Level

Players should have a strong foundation in puck control

Training will be divided and trained based on age and skill!

Power Edge Pro is an on-ice player development system utilizing proprietary equipment and training patterns. The system focuses on Reactive Countering Training™, engaging multiple motor skills simultaneously to develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.

This class is designed to reinforce proper habits and mechanics of puck control with the added resistance of the Power Edge Pro Training System. Emphasis is placed on proper hand, body and skating position while handling the puck.

FALL SKILLS SERIES Starts September 4th

WINTER SKILLS SERIES Starts January 12th (2007 - 2009)

Saturday 12:00 - 1:00pm

Single session - $40 + HST
5-Pack - $175 + HST
10-Pack - $325 + HST