Individual Baseline Concussion Test

All Ages

Baseline concussion testing is a tool to aid you, your physiotherapist and your physician in the decision on when it is appropriate to return to play following a concussion. It is not a stand-alone test, but one part of all the information that is required to make a decision that is best for your child to return to the sport they want to play once it is safe to do so. The Amped baseline test takes part in 2 phases: a computerized assessment with our Dynavision D2 boards, which first measures simple reaction time, then adds complexity by increasing choices and decisions. Memory and basic mathematics are tested while they continue to perform the motor task of hitting as many lights as they can as fast as they can. This gives us an objective look at how well their brains are processing information, and what happens to their ability to perform a simple task when we load their brain with added requirements. Phase 2 is carried out by physiotherapists, and includes tests of physical abilities that are often affected in a concussion. These include a neck muscle endurance task, eye coordination with and without neck movement, a neck repositioning task with a laser pointer, and other tests of balance and coordination of both the neck and the whole body. When your baseline has been recorded, that information will be kept in a file that is available to us to reference in the case that your athlete becomes concussed at some point during the season. If there is ever doubt as to whether your athlete has been concussed, please call our office to set up an appointment with one of the physiotherapists to have your athlete evaluated. If the initial management has gone well, and they are feeling better, we help guide your athlete through the steps to returning to school, and returning to play their sport, whether it is contact-based or not