Off-Ice Performance Program

Next Season Starts Now!

AMPED Human Performance offers an innovative approach to training, building on a strong athletic foundation while staying focused on individual goals and needs as you prepare for your upcoming season. This program is for hockey players, wanting to take their game to the next level! The program will include elements of strength, speed & agility, mobility and injury prevention. Our goal is to help prepare you physically and mentally for your upcoming season. It is structured to have the athletes at their peak level of performance for tryouts in August.

'06-07 (2x/week) Tu,Th 5:30-6:30
'04-05 (3x/week): M,Tu,Th 6:30-7:30
'00-'03: 4 days/week: M,Tu,W,Th 4:30-5:30 OR 3 days/week: M,W,Th 8:30-930

20 Week Program (starts April 2nd)
2x/week - $620
3x/week - $930
4x/week - $1240

12 Week Program (starts May 28th)
2x/week - $375
3x/week -$560
4x/week - $745

8 Week Program (starts June 25th)
2x/week - $250
3x/week - $375
4x/week - $500